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Something for the weekend – good times are here again – maybe?

Are good times here again. According to the grapevine, Lexmark took three legal IT directors to the The Fat Duck in Bray yesterday. Nice venue – but lunch with a company that sells printers for a living! That must be like going to a nightclub as the guest of a photocopy supplies salesman.

And, talking of IT directors… should we really be calling them that? Earlier this week a local authority in the UK explained that a proposal to supply councillors had been drawn up by “one of the information techy type people”. So, goodbye IT directors and CIOs etc and hello 'Director of the Department for Information Techy Type People'. Maybe we could extend this to other departments, with finance directors becoming 'Director in charge of the Bookkeepers & Bean-Counterey People' ?

We see Workshare has published the details of the winners of its 'scholarship to ILTA'. No comment.

Still on the subject of the ILTA conference, this is a place where our blog editor had died a million deaths by PowerPoint, however – as Dilbert points out – not everyone is a fan of giving presentations.

Finally, Tom Fishburne and the people at have a comment on the role of social media in the legal world. And 'yes' there is a case rumbling on in the US where an alleged bigamist posted up the details of his latest marriage on his FaceBook page.

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That's stupid; Facebook doesn't have a 'dislike' button…

Take away a law firm's ability to print and then see what happens! It also represents a large chunk of the firm's costs. So I would say it's pretty important, just not very sexy!

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