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Something for the weekend – in a New York state of mind

More random round-up than usual this week, as still slightly spaced out from flying (well obviously I didn't drive) trip to New York – arrived Tuesday 9:00pm, flew back out Wednesday 6:00pm – and seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time hanging around Irish airport transit lounges – I was flying via Aer Lingus. (And my admiration to the man I saw eating fish 'n' chips with a pint of Guinness at Shannon Airport at 5:00am on Thursday morning.) So what did we learn?

• The object of the exercise was to cover a Richard Susskind lecture on the Wednesday – full report in next week's American Legal Technology Insider.

• However we also learned that Aer Lingus may be awfully nice and helpful as an airline – but they do seem to have fallen on hard times. You now have to buy your own booze – and breakfast as the end of a long haul flight was a carton of orange juice. Er, that's it. Oh, ambassador you are spoiling us. Perhaps they are preparing themselves for Ryanair.

• Not surprisingly, the flights were primarily full of Irish people and – after helping one elderly lady load her carry-on luggage into the overhead locker –  I was told that for that act of kindness I was going straight to heaven. “Madam, ” I replied, “being told they are going straight to heaven is the last thing anyone wants to hear at the start of a transatlantic flight.” And, talking of carry-on luggage, at the New York departure gate, there was a mountain of booze & cigarettes the passengers had bought in duty-free and were taking home. And by mountain I mean the average off-licence doesn't stock that much food and drink. There again, everyone one I spoke to on the flight said the current state of the Irish economy now made Albania sound an attractive place to live.

• I had an interesting chat with my US oppo Monica Bay of ALM's Law Technology News – she recommends Angry Birds as an addictive game for the Apple iPad and suggested watching TwiT TV's new podcast series – iPad Today – available free of charges from iTunes as the ideal way to keep up with the latest iPad development news

• I also tested out the theory that if you make a fleeting – in one day, out the next – trip to another timezone, you don't suffer from jet-lag because your body clock remains on its 'home' setting and hasn't had time to start shifting to another zone. Sounds a good idea – and possibly might work if I could ever master the secret of sleeping on a plane, so I don't get back home feeling wrecked after being up for 23 hours in a row.

• I also bring you news of a new game, you can play in hotels or office block where they have banks of elevators/lifts facing each other – it's called Verticruising and the idea is you race someone in another lift to the same floor. The game starts by each player pressing the floor they are going to, then it is all down to how fast your respective doors close – and whether someone else calls your lift en-route. (Yes, I know that does reveal in Norfolk, where nothing much ever happens and we have to make our own entertainment.)

• Finally, a little diet tip I picked up from a woman who, it just so happened, I was having cocktails & dinner with on Wednesday night. She said that the secret to her looks was to never eat anything after 2:00pm on a day when it was still warm enough to wear a bikini. I shall make this my mantra from now on.

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Just as well you're not a Geordie, as you'd be wearing your bikini 365 days a year and never get anything to eat.

For one moment there I thought I was reading my kids pages on Facebook!

Sorry for the confusion but some of us have never grown up – CC

Good Friday stuff, I just hope the lecture matched up to the travel experience. Awaiting Susskind's next paradigm shift with much interest and even more scepticism.

No Problem Charles, I soon realised it was not Facebook when I spotted no spelling mistakes or photo's of the night before!

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