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Something for the weekend – IT conferences & vendors

As it's not going to be long before we start preparing for the next round of legal technology events and exhibitions, kicking off with LegalTech in New York and Legal IT in London, we thought we'd remind you why lawyers don't like attending tech shows – and why vendors don't like selling tech to lawyers…

4 replies on “Something for the weekend – IT conferences & vendors”

The YouTube video is priceless!
I have been in Legal IT sales for around 20 years and it is so accurate!
David Phillips

Not actually sure who the joke is on. A pretty accurate view of software salespeople if not the lawyer.

Yes, I think we're stuck with this until lawyers realise that as intelligent as they surely are, most of them aren't particularly smart, and therein lies the difference between a good lawyer and a good business person. Within the next 10 years I think a significant number of law firms will see the value in a proper business model from the success of the incorporated peers surrounding them and will naturally move to that model. It's somewhat like privatising a government owned business – not perfect, but it's always going to be more efficient.
I imagine happier staff too – lawyers not burdened by the requirement to make management decisions leaving them to what they do best and most enjoy, and law firm managers not burdened by the need to carry out poorly thought out business decisions and sit waist high in the consequences.

Give Anonymous40000 a cigar – this person has hit the nail on the head – lawyers need to realise that being good at law no longer equates to running a successful legal practice. That requires business skills. CC

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