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Something for the weekend: it's Movember + Vote, Vote, Vote

It's November – and it is also Movember when supposedly mature adult males (yes, ladies, we know that is an oxymoron) start growing moustaches in the belief that trying to look like the biker out of the Village People is a good way to raise money for charity. Still, if it's for a good cause, we're happy to give it a plug and this year we are supporting our own business development manager Philip Woolley. Here's a link to his fundraising page

And in the meantime, as an incentive to show just how cool a man with a moustache can really be, here's a picture of our illustrious editor Charles Christian in his dim and distant yoof when he was trying to combine Bamber Gascoigne specs with an Engelbert Humperdink look. (Technical note: he is not waiting for a curry in an Indian restaurant, that really was his mother's favourite wallpaper.)

Still on the subject of our editor's ego, he has been nominated – along with Tim Cheadle of LexisNexis, Neil Cameron, Arlene Adams of Peppermint and Liam Flanagan of Tikit – for the Services to Legal IT Award in this year's KnowList Awards. Curiously Christian, Cheadle and Cameron were all sat at the same table at the LexisNexis gala dinner earlier this week with only Donna Flanagan (Liam's niece but now working at LexisNexis) to keep the peace.

Naturally the normal rules on engagement will apply to the KnowList Awards –  if we win an award, that is because they are truly deeply meaningful and show we have the recognition we deserve from our peers – if we don't then they are just a pointless sham and the voting was fixed. In the meantime Vote Vote Vote for Charles Christian !

You can find a link to all the award nominees in all the categories here – and there are actually some interesting projects shortlisted so vote for them as well. Voting closes on 16th December.

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Wow – I vaguely recall the man in the picture starring in some pretty dubious 70' movies. I'll leave it at that!!

The shirt is unbuttoned all the way down to my medallion …CC

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