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Something for the weekend: it's starting to feel a bit like Christmas

Yes, we are in a festive mood here at the Orange Rag (oh no we're not, we've got a newsletter to finish …Ed) so here are some early stocking fillers (no cliche left unturned)…

• First off a big thanks to Lewis Silkin for sending us our first Xmas card of the season (see part of it below). Inside, the card sets a few tasks including: spot the lawyer sledging in his briefcase – the office romance under the mistletoe – the snowman wearing sunglassess – the man wearing the 'festive' jumper – the four very lost penguins – and, of, course you need to spot the hidden Claus.

We think a number of opportunities have been missed here including: spot the IT consultant enjoying a modest business lunch + spot the five gingerbread IT salesmen, including the one who has had his leg pulled off by the firm's IT director for failing to deliver a product on time and on budget.

• Next, let's get the party started with some music – forget iTunes, just phone up Mimecast and listen to their on-hold muzac which is the loudest we've ever heard in our lives.

• Finally, here's a good example from the US of how to do a Christmas-themed corporate promotional video that delivers a message yet is still amusing. (Our thanks to Rob Lancashire at Bighand for sending us this link – CDW work with Bighand in the US.)

Next week we hope to have news about the Insider Panto.

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And don't forget Jan slurping away at the fountain of youth…

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