Had an interesting exchange with a legal IT vendor about their new website. They asked me for their opinion about it. I told them. Turns out they didn't really want my opinion at all but just some gushing praise about its wonderfullness. It's not. The home page is like something from the bad old days of 1990s website design.

For example, they've got a mission statement on the first page that says customer care is central to everything and that they use the latest technologies and employ experienced developers. Well gosh, who'd have thought that?

At the same time this prominent piece of website real estate says nothing to differentiate the vendor from its competition. And it also says nothing to appeal to users and prospects. OK, I don't expect them to say they make kick-ass software that will help law firms make shed-loads of money and still have their clients foaming with pleasure but…

Oh yes, and given this is the year 2010, how come the only contact details on the home page are a telephone number? This is the digital age. There's a popular communications medium called email – why not have that up there in lights rather than make prospects have to click on a couple of more links to find it?

I was discussing this phenomenon – that the vendors of technology are frequently cobblers children who are very bad at exploiting these same technologies to their own internal benefit – when he jokingly suggested that maybe the vendor had deliberately opted for a retro look?

Fair enough – why don't they go one step further and put a lava lamp on the home page to get the full retro, kitsch effect?

We're happy to entertain your guesses as to who this vendor is – and we're also happy to receive your nominations for the worst legal IT vendor website. Maybe we'll give the winner a lava lamp. Maybe. Meanwhile, here's a short video clip of a lava lamp…