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Something for the weekend – lessons in tact & marketing

Before you head off for the weekend (yes, we know our APAC readers checked out hours ago – and yes we also know our US readers will be gone til Tuesday) here are some salutary lessons in tact and PR.

• Question: which well known legal IT industry consultant, attending a Certivox product promo earlier this week, said to the company's founder Brian Spector that he was pleased to see he used a different hairdresser to his cousin. Brian is from California and this was a quip at the expense of that other well-known Californian Spector – Phil Spector – yes, the “da-do-ron-ron bang-bang” weirdly coiffured Phil Spector. Brian Spector replies “Actually Phil's  not my cousin, he’s my third cousin.”

• According to the calendar, I have a birthday tomorrow that makes me very old, so before I slip into something beige and go lie down, here's a video clip explaining the perils of social media, marketing and PR…