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Something for the weekend – look into my cheese

Just back – OK, just recovering – from the LexisNexis Enterprise User Conference at the Forest of Arden hotel earlier this week. We'll have a report on the main news story on Monday however by way of random thoughts…

• This was the slickest (in a good way), smoothest-run, professional vendor user conference we've ever attended in the UK. Been to that kind of thing in the US hosted by the likes of Elite and Aderant, but UK vendor events (with the exception of Bighand & TikitTFB) have always had a bit sad-cocktail-saugage-on-a-stick feel to them. LexisNexis have upped the ante and it will be interested to see how others compare. (In fact the LexisNexis conference was better run than some of the 'commercial' legal IT conferences we've attended.)

• Also impressed by one of their speakers (no, not our own Dear Leader) the 'mind coach' Jamil Qureshi who kicked off the event with a motivational talk and then provided an excellent 'mind reading' entertainment slot during the dinner.

• Finally (in-joke alert) for those of you who care about these things (all 3 of you) – we can report that Neil Cameron did get his cheese.

8 replies on “Something for the weekend – look into my cheese”

Strewth, looking at that rather gross photo, he's had plenty of cheese over the years.

I care, and it is good to see the Cheese Monster being fed, doesn't he look a happy little IT consultant.

Well I'm glad to see nobody has anything rude to say about Neil – CC

The lady to his right looks rather horrified – what has he done?! Think you should tell all Charles!

It's a long story but as part of the entertainments the woman on the right was subsequently invited up on stage by Jamil (along with 4 other people) to draw a picture of Neil. Her pic of Neil – according to Jamil – verged on the deranged. CC

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