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Something for the weekend: Microsoft (Excel) runs the world

So who needs a database when you can have the power of Microsoft Excel at your fingertips… see last line of this slightly worrying job ad – tho we have been assured the job does not involve the main games programme just part of the Cultural Olympiad.

And, talking about culture (seamless segue between items) former law firm IT director Rosemary Kind (she was with Shoosmiths) has a new book out. Called Lovers take up less space: an alphabet guide to the Tube it is available from Amazon and Smashwords and orivides a humorous review of the addictive misery of commuting on London Underground.

The book provides a blow by blow account of everything from how to find breathing space on a packed Tube train, to the psychological torture of your fellow passengers eating a fresh hot bag of chips and not passing them round. It includes games to transform underground travel from a necessary evil to a spare time recreational activity, together with surprising facts and figures answering questions you had not yet thought to ask, such as why is the Central Line red?

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