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Something for the weekend – Movember, iPad horrors & website addresses

We've heard our first horror story involving a lost iPad – A partner of a Magic Circle firm on his way to the West Country by train to join the rest of his family for the recent half-term holidays. Rather than take a traditional laptop, he'd had his files transferred to an iPad and was working on some emails relating to an M&A deal. Journey completed, he got off the train to join his family and only later realised he'd left the iPad on the train. “No problem,” he thought, “I'll just contact IT and get them to wipe clean the data,” – just as you can do with Blackberry with BES. Sadly this is not possible with an iPad – the data remains on the device. Oh dear. Still that's what PI insurance is there for.

Next up website addresses – Morrison Foerster are a long established law firm and happen to have a neat web address – – very simple and memorable. However one of our readers (and we're not sure how they discovered this) reports that if you get the address wrong and add an extra 'S' to the end of the URL, you will find yourself at an entirely different type of site. In fact so different that if you go there, you'll probably contravene every rule in your terms of employment about the improper use of the internet, unacceptable behaviour etc and be leaving the office tonight for the last time with your belongings in a black plastic sack. There again, given some of the extra-curricular activities among certain staff at one London law earlier this year, they probably made some of these videos.

Finally, it's Movember – and there has been a campaign running for men to grow moustaches to help raise sponsorship and funding for prostate cancer charities and similar causes. There's been what could best be described as an underwhelming response to this initiative however telecoms and data specialists Total have entered into the spirit of things, even if their group picture does look like an audition for the Village People. And congratulations also to Matt Crocker of Phoenix Business Solutions, who also seems to be trapped in a 1970s facial-hair timewarp.

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