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Something for the weekend – native files, job titles & dinners

Lots of interesting news on its way next week but till then, here are some other stories – plus another of those cartoons some of you seem to like and the rest of you hate…

• Peter Lake, who has been with Thomson Reuters for the past 23 years – most recently as Managing Director of Sweet & Maxwell – is leaving the company at the end of this year. We wish him well for the future – although 'well' is possibly not the best word as Orange Rag editor Charles Christian inveigled Peter into become the chairman of the board of a literary trust which, along with 99% of all the other arts groups in England & Wales, thanks to government spending cuts is now facing the worst financial crisis in its history. So who is his successor? It is Mark Schlageter who currently runs TR's Tax & Accounting research and guidance business in the US. He has a reputation for doing a great job driving online developments and revenues – so that is good. But his job title!!!  Goodbye Managing Director, Sweet & Maxwell and hello President, Core Legal UK & Ireland. (Must remember, in the world of publishing, books are no longer books but products.)

• Next up a little quiz: which very well known London legal IT director – who has a reputation for being at the forefront of adopting new technologies – has yet to master the microwave in her new kitchen and recently had to twist a legal IT vendor's arm into providing the pudding course for a dinner party (for other legal IT directors) she was holding at her flat?

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