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Something for the weekend: PowerPoint Politics & what would Don Draper do?

• Our thanks to The Register ( for drawing our attention to the existence of Switzerland's Anti-PowerPoint Party, aka the APPP. “The APPP sees itself as the advocate of approximately 250 Million people worldwide, who, every month, are obliged to be present during boring presentations in companies, universities or at other institutions” reads the party's mission statement.

According to APPP calculations, the use of PowerPoint results in an “annual monetary destruction” of €110bn in Europe alone. The APPP calculates this somewhat alarming figure by assuming that presentations take place in 11% of companies and educational institutions, averaging twice a week, and that the average number of attendees is 10 – although in larger institutions that number may be “umpteen times higher”. The APPP then assumes that 85% of participants believe these presentations are killing motivation.
Mash those numbers together with the average EU pay rate and the number of EU workers, and you get that €110bn “destruction”.

Something must be done to stop this insanity, says the APPP – and that something is to join the APPP. Swiss law makes it easier than in most countries to form a political party, and Poehm is taking advatage of that democratic freedom to get his word out. “The party aims to launching a national referendum to obtain a law forbidding PowerPoint during presentations,” the party's establishing Articles declare. According to the APPP, the party stands to become the fourth largest political party in Switzerland. This is in contrast to the UK where 'Jedi Knights' and 'People who've had their Phones Hacked by the News of the World' currently tie for fourth place in the political spectrum. You can find out more about the APPP here

• Secondly, looking for a new management guru to follow? How about the fictional advertising executive Don Draper from the TV series Mad Men ? We've even got a handy What Would Don Draper Do? flow-chart to get you started, courtesy The Oatmeal at