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Something for the weekend: social media on trial – death threats quiz – and don't get into that elevator

And so to our quiz… which marketing director of a legal IT vendor said (jokingly we hope) “Does anyone know a good hit-man, I want to take a contract out on Charles Christian. That's the only way we'll ever stop him writing rude things about us.” Written answers only, please use both sides of the paper – ask for extra sheets of paper if you run out of space.

And now for something completely different… Orange Rag editor Charles Christian (yes, him again) has a new book out. It's his collection of science fiction and dark fantasy stories This is the Quickest Way Down.

What is it about? It's a
collection of 10 short stories and one
longer novellete covering the sci-fi and dark fantasy (ghosts, urban fantasy, horror, techn-gothic) genre – but no vampires! There's a strong post-apocalyptical feel with pretty much everyone dying but, before they do, they get to have interesting
sexual experiences with interesting aliens. Hmm… sounds like just another day for Christian. Oh yes, and after reading this collection, you will never, ever again want to get into a lift (elevator for Americans) with a beautiful woman you've never met before.

You can order it on Amazon, price £8.99

And you can also get copies direct
from the author for £8.00 (inc p&p) or £7.50 face-to-face – cheques payable
to Charles Christian (US $13.50). Email for details