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Something for the weekend – technology is the pits

In the words of the Bjork song “It's so quiet” with the long weekend approaching. In fact the only sounds to be heard are the groans and whimpers of jet-lagged and hungover visitors to ILTA returning home after a hard week's partying in Las Vegas. Sorry, that should read 'a hard week's working and networking in Las Vegas'.

However we do have news of one stunning piece of technology innovation to report from Odegon (see what they have done there – odour gone – get it?) namely iron-on patches that will help fight under-arm body odour – which we guess is probably more convenient than hanging an air-wick there. Actually we think Odegon are missing a trick here and should sell self-adhesive patches so you can slap them onto someone else whose BO is wifting unchecked. Would be ideal when attending crowded conferences, stuck on long-haul flights or in a crowded awards ceremony, where you also have to contend with the mothball smell of hired dinner jackets.

Anyway, here is an animated GIF of penguin bashing – makes us laugh (tho that's not surprising as we've just been described as a malicious red-top – red? orange surely – by a subsidiary of a recruitment consultancy).

And CaseCentral has sent us another cartoon revealing the questions worrying litigation lawyers in the coming weeks.

Have a good weekend.