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Something for the weekend – the perils of social media

The theme this week is the perils of social media, starting with a new cartoon by Tom Fishburne…

Next, we head over the US where there is some mystery surrounding a series of personal billboards that have appeared over the past week in San Francisco, Atlanta and New York promoting a lovers' website…

Ah, isn't that nice to see that Charles Phillips and YaVaughnie Wilkins (no, that really is her name) are “soulmates forever”. But hang on, isn't that Charles E. Phillips? The co-president of the IT giant Oracle and member of President Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board? And isn't Charles E. Phillips due to deliver a major speech next week (27 January) at an Oracle industry event – probably associated with the EU's approval of Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems ?

Oh yes, and hasn't Charles E. Philips just confessed to having an 8-year long affair with YaVaughnie although – to quote his words “the relationship with Ms. Wilkins has since ended and we both wish each other well.” Except it now seems Charles had neglected to tell YaVaughnie that all the while he was still married to his first wife Karen and was not long-time divorced. (Editors Note: Apparently maintaining two households – one with your girlfriend in California and one with your wife in New York – is known as a bi-coastal double life.)

YaVaughnie told the designer who put together the website, which these billboards promote, that this was a “gift” for her soulmate. Perhaps 'brilliant act of revenge by a spurned mistress' might be a more appropriate phrase. Risky things these websites.