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Something for the weekend: they fax you up, your mum & dad

It's the end of an era at Orange Rag Towers as today we switched off our fax machine for the final time. A quick audit revealed that since January we had sent just one fax and received only two genuine incoming faxes (as distinct from spam faxes from debt collection companies).

Looking through the office archives, it is weird to see that in the mid-1980s we were running stories on how fax was the miracle communications channel of the 20th century. (Mind you we also said that about teletext.) We even ran a story in about 1985 on how Freshfields had 12 fax machines – 6 for incoming messages and 6 for outgoing. It prompted readers to write in (no email in those days) to ask what kind of crazy world Freshfields was living in if it needed so much communications bandwidth.

* Our photo shows one of the earlier 'office' fax machines, complete rotary-dial analogue telephone + acoustic coupler.