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Something for the weekend: time for Gamification ?

So, it's that time of the year: Friday 13th, the trains are running late, it feels a long time since Christmas and all you have to remind you of those happier times are a pile of credit card bills. Time for something new? Maybe a new job? Or what about some new word games…

Word's up: Deloitte's are predicting that Gamification will be one of the Top 10 Tech Trends of 2012 more and more businesses are using it to positively charge their marketing, advertising, training, and customer relationships. Non-the-wiser? Basically 'gamification' means adding an interactive games element to a business process – apparently McDonalds are whizzes at this. One lawyer (who shall remain nameless) suggests it could have a role in law firms…
Play your Cards Right (setting a fee rate)
Give Us A Clue (know your client)
Partners Win Prizes (they get more money)
Trainees Win Prizes (they get a job offer)
Endurance (from Japanese TV – trainees are forced to undertake a series of humiliating tasks, the winner gets a job offer – which means they can continue undertaking a series of humiliating tasks for the next 15 years when they might get promoted to partner)

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I'm a celebrity, get me out of here – open to all firms who have more than than a certain number of lawyers leave in a six week period.

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