It is a little trip down legal IT memory lane this weekend with Phoenix Business Solutions and Philips…


First Phoenix – Roger Pickett, the founder and managing director of Phoenix Business Solutions, has been telling us a little more about the background to the company’s formation in the summer of 2003. Pickett says most of the business planning was done on a camping weekend with his son’s football team, the week after KLA was sold to Hummingbird. He adds that although the rumour (possibly started here on the Insider …Oops) is that the name Phoenix has a “reborn from the ashes” connotation, it was actually a pub in the East End of London. We’ve searched online and believe this is that very same pub – now closed and classified on Google as one of the Legendary Lost Pubs of London Town. Mmm, close your eyes and you can almost see the cheese in the pub’s sandwiches waving back at you.


That was 10 years ago, now we go back a further 40 years (or half-a-century in old money) to the late summer of 1963 when Philips launched the Compact Cassette tape onto an unsuspecting world at the Berlin Radio Show. Initially intended as a fuss-free portable recording system, removing the hassle of reel-to-reel tape recorders, Philips inadvertently unleashed a technology that would give rise to analog dictation recorders (still in use in may law firms today), enable the creation of the Sony Walkman (and in the process boost music piracy industry) and provide the only commercially viable data storage media for the first generation of microcomputers, when they appeared in the mid-1970s. Fashion Note: the model’s hairstyle was the epitome of high fashion in 1963 (in Berlin). If you want to learn more about compact cassette tapes, check out