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Something for the weekend: what if they held a party & nobody came?

OK, three social-media related stories for you today. The first is we
have just discovered what Foursquare did before they moved into the
er… location thingy business thing they do now. Apparently they were
in the pipe tobacco business – who knew – but here's an ad from
Punch in 1939 so it must be true.

We also seen a prototype of a new hybrid Royal Mail service that is attempting to bring the traditional red postbox into the digital age – not sure if this idea has a pillar to stand on.

Finally… all tomorrow's parties – or not as the case might be. Lexis Nexis Martindale-Hubbell has just been in touch to say it has conducted some research in conjunction with the PR agency Burston-Marsteller on the use of social media within law firms as a business development tool. Great. And they are announcing the results at a reception in London when some people we've never heard of will be filmed inflicting death by PowerPoint on the audience as they explain their findings.

So far so ordinary however the date for the launch is Monday 26 September – the exact date when the next Twegals (UK legal sector twitters) tweet-up takes place in London. So, let me get this straight, the research failed to spot the UK's keenest users of social media within law firms already have a forum and that it clashes with the Burston-Marsteller launch. Looks like the research might not have been so thorough as it could have been – and that most of the legal social media commentators are going to be otherwise engaged. Once again an old-school legal publisher tries to hop aboard the latest new media bandwaggon, only to discover it has already left town.

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Oh please 'most of the legal social media commentators' – more like an eclectic group of ageing, high ego, wannabe journos that think social media is tweeting each other self appreciating back slaps and gossip. Not to be confused with an extensive survey by MH on the real business application of social media.

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