Quick quiz but we are not going to tell you the answer but which IT director said this about which legal IT supplier?

“You really are alienating the very people who will be making the decisions. The partners in law firms generally employ someone to head up IT as their main focus is doing legal work. Most of them wouldn’t have a clue what your platform does. And even for those who would bother to go to the website, it isn’t patently obvious to a non-technologist what it does/how it would work for them.
“IT Directors simply cannot tolerate people who try to get around them – which is exactly what your mailing is intended to do. We have demands on us daily (if not hourly) for more stuff.  My switchboard will tell you that they route on average 40 calls a day straight through to my voicemail from vendors. There are many tales told among my peers of vendors who, when not being awarded business, contact the managing partner to complain. They are always given short shrift.
“So, no, your campaign didn’t offend me, I just thought it was very silly and not properly thought through. At worst you will have offended some of my peers and at best you’ve wasted marketing funds.”

And finally some thoughts on the use of associates in the ediscovery process…