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Something for the weekend

With the long weekend on its way, here is something to ponder… Earlier this week it was reported that electric nailfiles and laser guided scissors (ooh, that could have your eye out – no really – see picture) were, according to UK shoppers, the two most useless gadgets on sale today. But what about useless legal IT gadgets?

We'd like to hear your views on what you feel are the most useless – as in they sounded a good idea at the time but when you actually got your hands on them, they failed to live up to expectations nd you realised it would have been simpler and less hassle to have used a pencil and a piece of paper to achieve the same result – gadgets you've encountered during the course of your work. Here are three suggestions… speech recognition software, time recording barcode reading gadgets of all types (including that strange dildo like 'pen' TFB used to sell) and (for older readers) the Psion Organiser with its non-qwerty keypad. Just post your comments and we'll report the results later. Otherwise (for UK readers at least) have a good holiday.

3 replies on “Something for the weekend”

I've never really been convinced by Outlook/Exchange 2007's ability to manage your diary by voice command over the phone – at least not for Legal (and I've even seen guys at Microsoft shouting down the phone “No dammit, Thursday, not Cancel”. And it's never really been able to make good coffee or produce a convincing alibi to spouses …
As Partners would say “That's what I have a secretary for ….”
And of course, once you've cut your paper or material with the laser scissors, then as a Partner, you would then expect someone else to colour it …
“No, Mr Bond, I expect you to dye …”

Good pun 'expect you to dye' – as for voice commands, the curse of speech recognition yet again.

Out of experimentation comes innovation and then progress, poor PSION, it was the bridge between the Filofax and the Blackberry

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