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SOS launch new microsite to help law firms in LSA/ABS era

Solicitors Own Software (SOS) has today launched a new multimedia resource portal for law firms seeking to learn from the successes of others as they face the challenges of the new post Legal Services Act legal landscape.

In launching the new microsite, David McNamara, managing director of SOS said: “There has been much scaremongering about how mid-tier firms will survive in the future; however, we aim to stimulate a more positive tone to this business critical conversation. Many of our clients have been preparing for the impact of Alternative Business Structures (ABS) and have valuable stories to share. The SOS resource portal focuses on these law firm successes, providing real life insights and practical advice from our clients about the actions they are taking to realise their business goals and stand out in the market, and how they are harnessing IT to help.”

The multi-media resource features case studies, videos, infographics and an ABS whitepaper containing a collection of voices from law firms, consultants and business leaders. The free whitepaper addresses How can law firms succeed in the new legal era?

“As a significant supplier to the market,” continued David McNamara, “there is an expanse of knowledge and record of success within our client base which can help others look to the future with confidence. We are delighted that wider industry experts have also contributed to the portal.”

Top executives from firms including Ashton KCJ, Wollen Michelmore, and Woolley & Co have participated in the portal to impart their experiences and share lessons learned. Sector experts Chris Cann and Michaela Hardwick tackle issues like risk, compliance and change management. Neil Rose, a recognised commentator on the Legal Services Act, also offers some key lessons for law firms.

From today SOS has also launched a new marketing campaign designed to stimulate the business critical conversation of what law firms can do differently to compete in the new legal era and to build awareness of this new free resource for law firms determined to succeed.

More information is available at

Comment: Well done SOS for taking this initiative. There's been a bit too much focus on the threats posed by the LSA and not enough on the potential opportunities it opens up to ambitious law firms of all shapes and sizes. The site will be added to over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.