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SOS Virtual Practices picks up another virtual law firm

London-based, new start-up niche property practice Matrix Legal has turned to Virtual Practices for hosted legal case management software and accounting services accessed over the internet.

Already familiar with SOS Connect from his previous firm, Matrix founder Tariq Mubarak understoodusing the software as a service through Virtual Practices would avoid a heavy, upfront investment in IT. Although he started his IT evaluation with a demonstration of Virtual Practices, he also surveyed other case management options in the market, including IRIS hosted services. The selection period lasted several months before returning to Virtual Practices for a reminder demonstration.  “Virtual Practices was very appealing,” he explained, “as the flexibility it delivers fits in with my ‘almost’ virtual business model. We also don’t need to worry about business continuity or disaster recovery as in the event of a problem we would be back in business within hours, rather than days or weeks.”

Matrix Legal began using the software service for case management in January 2010 and three months later at the beginning of the financial year also opted for Virtual Practices’ legal cashiering on-line service which takes care of the accounts and complies with all statutory regulations. “I went live with case management within two weeks,” said Tariq Mubarak. “The support, overall service and response to queries has been very prompt. It is nice to have a first line of protection especially in terms of keeping the accounts correct and keeping abreast of changes to the rules. Having that knowledge to fall back on is like having your own accounts department.”