An online legal notice marketplace has been launched in the U.S. to automate the often complex and prescriptive process behind placing a legal advertisement.

Publishers, or advertisers with a need for just one notice to multiple repeat notices, can buy, sell and manage legal ads on Inklynk as prescribed by legislation. The system identifies the correct newspaper of record; navigates the variable costs, submission policies and run dates; tracks actions taken during the legal notice processing period and provides documented proof that ads were published for legal evidence or audit purposes.

“Legal notice ads have been an important part of due process under the law for more than 200 years. Working with two national law firms, our team observed the disparate requirements and processes faced in placing legal notice ads with newspapers of record in each of the 3,300+ counties in the U.S., and responded with a solution that standardizes and simplifies the lawful responsibility of legal professionals,” said Suzanne Lovelace, CEO of InkLynk.“InkLynk delivers a cooperative platform allowing both advertisers and publishers to experience significant operational efficiencies.”

InkLynk enables participants to buy, sell, connect and communicate in real-time. The platform utilises proprietary system rules, client approvals and credit card processing to dramatically streamline and standardise legal ad processing.

“The current process is time-consuming and difficult to accomplish with existing methods. This market has been eager for a change and we are excited to work with attorneys and publishers in this space to automate the process of placing legal notices,” Lovelace said.

PayGIS specialises in building dedicated technology platforms and has previously created a platform to manage employee records that was adopted by 50% of Fortune 1000 companies, according to PayGIS’ website.