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Stobart Group drives into legal services market

The UK logistics business, the Stobart Group (yes, the Eddie Stobart trucking group) has launched a new service that will link members of the public and businesses direct to a barrister without needing to employ a solicitor.

Stobart Barristers, which offers access to a UK-wide network of specialist barristers for any area of law, uses a pricing model under which its clients agree and pay a fixed-fee through a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model during the litigation process. The new division, headed up by the Group’s legal director Trevor Howarth, has been formed following Stobart’s decision to employ its own barristers without a solicitor in 2008, a move which has created significant savings on the company’s annual legal fees. (Members of the public, or businesses, have been able to engage direct with barristers since the introduction of Direct Public Access (DPA) legislation in 2004.) Stobart Barristers says its fixed fee model will help it unlock a latent demand for barristers’ services.

Once its clients have received a barrister’s opinion, which the service would typically look to deliver in under seven days, its sister company Stobart Barrister Support Services can provide the necessary paralegal support to help a barrister prepare their case instead of a solicitor.Overall, Stobart says that its fixed fee model of delivering barrister’s services will be up to 50% cheaper than if provided via a solicitor. Stobart Barristers also provides one of the few ways for members of the public to pay for a barrister’s service as despite the introduction of DPA legislation barristers are still not allowed to accept fees direct from members of the public.

Trevor Howarth, Stobart Barrister’s managing director, said: “This is a new market for the Group and one where we see significant potential to grow by offering the public the chance to benefit from a model we have successfully honed for our own business over the past few years. The legal services industry continues to undergo significant changes that are allowing new entrants to the market with innovative business models to provide faster and less expensive services than those offered under traditional models.

“DPA has been around for around eight years now but it hasn’t been widely adopted because consumers and businesses don’t know where to look or which barrister to pick, leaving many to still having to rely on the advice of their solicitor. But in doing so they are forced to pay significant fees. Our model cuts out waste and opens up access to a national panel of barristers that are selected for their ability to meet our clients’ needs.

“People want assurances over what financial liabilities they may have if they were to pursue a litigation process but typically face an open ended process where costs remain unknown. Through providing a fixed-fee service we can help give people greater clarity over what level of exposure they face.”

The service will operate a confidential call line seven days a week from 8am to 10pm.

Consumers can call the helpline direct on 0845 287 4735 or visit

5 replies on “Stobart Group drives into legal services market”

Yet another “unintended consequence” that adds to the changing landscape in law. Not sure if i want to trust Eddie, Eddie Stobart, with my case, but they make a pursuasive arguement. To quote Bob Dylan “The times they are a changing”.

Wonderful! You couldn’t make it up. How could anyone have predicted anything like this even a few years ago. Yet another demonstration that in the field of legal service delivery – all bets are off, and no assumption cannot remain unquestioned.

Actually Neil if anyone predicted this 6 months ago, they’d have been thought a little soft in the head. Turns out it is not Tesco that law firms should be worried about but the trucking company that delivers to Tesco !

I have just been to the website and as member of the public looking for help with a legal matter it seems to be absolutely on the money in terms of engaging with a visitor and giving them exactly what they are looking for… which is not what I can say for a lot of high street law firm web-sites. Maybe this ABS or whatever it is called is going to be just what we commoners need in order to access the legal world on an understandable and financially sensible basis. At least that is how I felt having visited their site.

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