Over the last 24 hours we’ve seen the news that Blackberry is about to be sold for $4.7 billion by 4th November (no jokes about bonfires of vanities please, they are selling off their new executive jet) unless they can get a better offer. (Apparently the UK had until recently the most loyal user-base).

We’ve also heard that Apple sold $5 billion-worth of their new iPhone 5c/5s models in the first three days of trading – and that one “gold” iPhone sold for $4700 on the Black Market.

But, most interesting of all, Microsoft has released new versions of its Windows tablet device – the Surface 2 – to generally favourable reviews. The Microsoft app store also has 10 times as many apps available as it did the first time around. Here’s a link to the Microsoft newsroom, including a one-hour long video of yesterday’s Surface 2 launch in NYC. (Memo: must buy black shirt.)


As for Android devices? They just keep on selling – and selling.