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Survey reveals big disparity in law firm finance department salaries

A new salary survey among financial staff in solicitor's offices reveals wide regional variations with some roles commanding double the salary in a North/South split. For example the salary for an office assistant ranges from £13,000 in a small London firm to £19,500 in a large firm, whereas in the Midlands and North of England someone doing the same job – and with te same responsibilities – could be earning as little as £5750. At the other end of the scale, salaries for finance directors range from £36,000 to £140,000. As for that core position – legal cashier – depending upon the size of firm and responsibilities, you can earn anywhere from £17,000 to £36,000 in London, compared with £9,500 to £26,500 elsewhere in the country.

Full details of the survey, which was conducted by the Legal Support Network and supported by the Institute of Legal Cashiers & Administrators (ILCA) and cover 21 different job titles in three regions, can be accessed via the news section of the ILCA web site at – and it also appears in the May/June issue of Legal Abacus magazine.  If you would like to make a comment on the survey please email the Legal Support Network at