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Survey to benchmark Mac & Apple use in legal sector

Vancouver-based legal systems vendor Clio today launches the inaugural Clio Apple in Law Firms Survey.  All legal professionals and law students from all law firms and law schools are invited to participate in the survey, regardless of size and location. The survey aims to determine to what extent lawyers and law students are now using Apple and Mac products, and whether there is clear evidence of an increasing trend of the legal industry “going Mac” in the future.

Available online at the Clio Mac Survey will remain open until Tuesday 9th November (5pm Eastern).  The tabulated results will be presented by Clio president Jack Newton at MILOfest (  a conference for Mac-using attorneys being held on November 11-13 at the Disney World Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida. Clio will also be giving away a free iPad to a randomly selected survey respondent.

The Clio Apple in Law Firms Survey will probe into areas such as:
• Extent of lawyers’ current or intended migration to Macs or Apple products
• Operating System Choice: Mac vs. Windows OS
• Mobile device preferences: iPhone vs. Blackberry vs. Droid and others
• Plans to purchase iPads and other Apple/Mac hardware and software in 2011
• Cloud-based vs. desktop application usage in the law office
• Satisfaction with Apple products

Apple products appear to be enjoying a larger adoption rate in the legal space, and this survey aims to quantify and build a more accurate picture of the shift to Macs in law firms. The ABA Legal Technology Surveys have shown an increase in Mac usage among law firms in the past years, most recently tracking an uptick to 4% in 2010 from 3% in 2009. 

Newton says “We’ve seen a slow but steady increase in the usage of Macs in law offices over the past few years, and many feel that we are at or approaching a tipping point. At Clio we’ve seen a huge number of firms choosing to go Mac, and our hope for this survey is to better quantify and chart the trend toward the use of Macs in law offices. We look forward to announcing and publishing the results of this survey on November 11th at MILOfest.”