Systems integrator the Sword Group has entered into a collaborative agreement with Lewis Silkin LLP to acquire the IP to the firm’s document management application, which has been developed on the Microsoft Sharepoint platform. The acquired application will be re-engineered, enhanced and baselined by Sword for the purposes of creating a commercial offering. This will be owned, supported and taken to market by Sword, with the first release scheduled for early Q3 2010. The application, with the working title of Excalibur, will be targeted at law firms and inhouse corporate legal departments.
“Lewis Silkin has invested two years in developing this application. Built by lawyers for lawyers, it is now the right time to partner with an experienced systems Integrator in the legal sector, to take Excalibur to the next phase and productise the solution offering” said Lewis Silkin IT director Jan Durant. “We are proud of what has been achieved with Excalibur, and have selected Sword to drive the next phase of evolution and bring the solution to market because of their proven track record both with Microsoft Sharepoint and for their reputation for getting things done.”

John Higgins, head of Sword’s ECM business unit said “This presents a great opportunity. Taking Lewis Silkin’s domain experience plus the innovative and expandable Sharepoint platform, Excalibur makes an attractive alternative to the legacy and incumbent document management systems in the legal market.”

For further details call Terry Coyne on 0208 232 2562 or 07768 545931 or email