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Symantec + Interwoven integration – sorted?

The long running issue of integration between the KVS Vault (now part of the Symantec empire) emailing archiving system and Interwoven's WorkSite DMS (whereby it was possible to misfile and 'lose' archived email messages) looks to be resolved.

According to Nabarro IT director Andrew Powell (who is also the chair of the WorkSite user group in the UK) “I know from user group meetings that KVS-Interwoven integration is a very live issue for many firms. As reported at the last meeting, Interwoven has been working closely with Symantec over past months and I'm pleased to report to the group that some significant progress has been made at last. Interwoven and Symantec have reached agreement on a joint approach that will see a server-side solution becoming part of core product with Server 8.5 (maybe sooner) and KVS 6 SP2. Whilst I was at a meeting with Symantec yesterday, I received the following message from Kevin Hicks at Interwoven. The message from both companies is consistent, and there will be more specific detail in due course I'm sure. I think this is a huge step forward – long time coming, granted – so thanks to all of you who have kept this on both vendors to-do lists.”

The message from Kevin Hicks reads… Interwoven will provide native support for integration with KVS as part or the core WorkSite server. The integration will be supported by Interwoven as a core feature of our product. The integration effort will be co-funded by Symantec and Interwoven and will be built and supported by Interwoven with assistance from Symantec.

This integration is being designed to be server based and at this time we anticipate no changes on the client. On import of a Enterprise Vault email stub, the WorkSite server imports the stub file and places it on the WorkSite file-server as if it were any other file being imported. A back-end process watches for newly imported emails. New emails are analyzed and Enterprise Vault stubs are detected. Once detected, the back-end process retrieves (move or copy) the fully realized email via an administrative connection to the Enterprise Vault system. The email stub is replaced on the file-server with the fully realized email retrieved from Enterprise Vault. Document history is recorded when the stub is replaced by the actual email.  Once the email for the email will serve the fully realized email and no resolution of the stub from Enterprise Vault is necessary on the client side.

This solution provides for the ability to restore email stubs that have been imported previously into WorkSite to fully realized emails as long as these emails still exist within Enterprise Vault. As part of the WorkSite server, the back-end Enterprise Vault filing process will scale horizontally with the size of the site (i.e. number of WorkSite Server nodes in the cluster). If an email stub in Worksite that has not been restored is accessed WorkSite will rely on the enterprise vault client to display the email to the user.

Supported KVS versions: Enterprise Vault 6.0 SP2, 7.0, 2007

Timing: WorkSite 8.5 or sooner (Depends on the complexity of the code changes and the level of testing required). We will provide more detailed guidance as we get closer to completing the design.