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Strange Days on Planet Smartphone Tablet

Over the last 24 hours we’ve seen the news that Blackberry is about to be sold for $4.7 billion by 4th November (no jokes about bonfires of vanities please, they are selling off their new executive jet) unless they can get a better offer. (Apparently the UK had until recently the most loyal user-base).

The state of the global smartphones market

Here’s a interesting graphic, courtesy of Kantar Worldpanel on the current state of the global smartphone market – and they sure don’t like the Blackberry in Mexico !

The Microsoft + Nokia Deal – all you ever wanted to know

Earlier this morning the news broke that Microsoft is buying the core of the Nokia phones business for $7 billion. There are still some regulatory approvals to overcome so the full impact of this announcement will not really start to make itself felt until later this year however we have the official Microsoft presentation here, now.

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