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Security Comment: Why are people still using Dropbox for business?

Dropbox has featured frequently in the news recently with headlines about a number of security breaches. Some have been direct “hacks” of their data, whilst others have been exploits using email addresses and passwords leaked from other services to access Dropbox accounts. Dropbox have been updating their services to improve their own security but that doesn’t address the leaked data from elsewhere. Dropbox can’t be blamed for people using the same password on numerous services but that’s what users do and probably always will.

HotDocs takes document automation to the Cloud

Market-leading document generation software firm, HotDocs, today announced the official launch of HotDocs Cloud Services – a cloud-based platform that facilitates the embedding of HotDocs automated document generation technologies into an organisation’s own process systems, such as a corporate website or a Business Process Management (BPM) defined workflow. It is anticipated that Cloud Services will expedite a step-change in the way that organisations plan and execute their business processes.

Comment: new whitepaper on the challenges of cloud computing for law firms

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider Databarracks has published a whitepaper on The Real Challenges and Benefits of Cloud Computing to Law Firms. Written by Frank Jennings, Commercial & Cloud lawyer at DMH Stallard LLP and Chair of the Cloud Industry Forum’s Code Governance Board, the paper examines experiences and attitudes of those who have adopted cloud services.

Award-winning law firm goes with hosted Proclaim solution

Award winning boutique law firm, Gedye & Sons, has implemented Eclipse’s Proclaim Matter Management solution. With offices in the Lake District (Cumbria) and Old Bailey in the heart of London, Gedye & Sons provides a range of legal services nationwide. The practice took the decision to replace its existing solution with one unified system capable of centralising operations and providing universal access to data regardless of fee earner location. With 286-miles between offices, ease of access to consistent, live data was paramount in the decision.

BigHand launches cloud-based Professional Edition for smaller firms

BigHand has launched a cloud-based Professional Edition of its digital dictation software in North America, the UK and rest of EMEA which is delivered securely via the web and requires no on-premise server infrastructure to run. The cloud-based Professional Edition now makes many of the team collaboration and mobile-working features from BigHand’s award-winning Enterprise Edition available to professionals within smaller firms or with lighter dictation requirements.

New cloud guidance paper for law firms & legal IT specialists

Any law firms thinking about consistent IT delivery, business continuity and DR could well be considering a move to managed/hosted IT services. If they are, they should get hold of a copy of a new guidance paper outlining the why, what and how of making a successful switch.

For global ediscovery, Cloud beats out appliance in cost

Electronic discovery, once largely confined to the United States, has gone global. Various factors are driving this, from ever-increasing volumes of cross-border commerce to ever-stricter government crackdowns on corruption and bribery.

The role of the Cloud & BYOD in law firms & ediscovery

In recent years, Cloud-based business applications have started to become mainstream for enterprises across many sectors with in 2012 an average of 31% of all IT applications and services being delivered via the Cloud, up from just 7% cent in 2011.

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