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Security Comment: Why are people still using Dropbox for business?

Dropbox has featured frequently in the news recently with headlines about a number of security breaches. Some have been direct “hacks” of their data, whilst others have been exploits using email addresses and passwords leaked from other services to access Dropbox accounts. Dropbox have been updating their services to improve their own security but that doesn’t address the leaked data from elsewhere. Dropbox can’t be blamed for people using the same password on numerous services but that’s what users do and probably always will.

Comment, Opinion & Guest Articles Latest News

Data Security in the Snowden Era #1 – Double Blind Encryption

In the first of two articles today on data security in the Snowden Era, Mike Batters* talks about cloud-based email storage security in the light of the growing demand for double blind encryption from law firms…

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Case study: networking – why Hempsons switched from Cisco

Reliance on technology is a given, which can mean businesses could assume keeping up with future demands can be costly. So when Hempsons Solicitors took the decision to upgrade their five-year-old network into something they knew would take them not only to the next level but also the next decade, they were surprised to discover the cost savings and added value that Enterasys brought with them.