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Taking the 'hard' out of Hansard*

The accessibility of material from Hansard  and other data from the Houses of Parliament is set to improve on 1st June when the notoriously difficult-to-navigate website is indexed by a new service, Justis Parliament.

Though jam-packed with highly relevant collateral for lawyers and legal librarians, the transcripts of parliamentary questions, Bills, Select Committees and debates have never been easy to find on the full-text databases on which they’re kept. When indexed by Justis, this will change. The online legal library from Justis Publishing  will link into the full-text sources from its intuitively searchable platform. Going back to 1979, this new material will add three million records to Justis.

Justis Publishing has operated a separate service – Parlianet –since 1994 but its incorporation into Justis opens up this rich resource to practitioners and information specialists, bringing with it a number of key benefits, including…
•    better search functionality, including preset searches and advanced searches of specific databases
•    searches can include the rest of the Justis legal library of cases and legislation back to 1163
•    My Justis, a feature that allows users to save searches, receive user-specified email alerts, see their search trails and record their search activity

(* And yes, we know the hard/Hansard play on words doesn't really work)