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Tales from the Platform Wars – Apple will have your children

Time for a quick roundup of the lastest news on the mobile device and platforms front…

Good News for Blackberry – for the first time in living memory, there is good news for Blackberry with initital reports saying the upcoming o/s 10 operating system will be AWESOME and still capable of doing many things neither Android nor Apple iOS can currently achieve. You can read the full report here

Good news for iPad – meanwhile the seemingly unstoppable march of the iPad into corporate and enterprise computing continues, with Barclays Bank the latest to swallow the Apple-flavoured Kool-Aid and order 8500 iPads. Among other things, the iPads will be used to run the Mortgage Brain mortgage broking app.

Bad news for Windows – the recently released Windows 8 platform is not being greeted with very much enthusiasm, with take-up for the new o/s running at about one-third of the level its predecessor Windows 7 was enjoying after its launch in October 2009. One legalit systems integrator we spoke to said they knew of only one law firm that was planning to upgrade to Windows 8. For the record, latest figures suggest nearly 40% of all PC users in the UK (domestic and business) are still running Windows XP (aka Windows 5) despite all support for the product (and Office 2003) due to end in April 2014.

Bad news for Blackberry – We recently spoke to one global legalit systems provider who said that despite being offered funding from RIM to develop a version of it software for the upcoming Blackberry o/s 10, it was declining the offer as it felt the priority had to be with Apple iOS and Android.

Bad news for your children – finally, while it may be true that Microsoft Windows will dominate the office computing world for the immediate future, longer term the position is less clear. A new survey by the consumer market research group Nielson found that when it comes to kids aged between six and 12… 48% want an iPad for Christmas, 36% want an iPad Mini, 36% want an iPod Touch and 33% want an iPhone. The only other gadget to break into the top 5 is a Nintendo Wii U (39%). Over the age of 12, the top 5 gadgets kids hope to buy (aka pester their parents into buying for them) are (1) an iPad, (2) a computer, (3) a tablet other than an iPad, (4) a Nintendo Wii U, and (5) an iPhone.




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Comparing to Windows 7 sales is a little unfair, most businesses had held onto XP for so long and were desperate to update in 2010/11. There is less an urgent need now, but the drive for Windows 8 will be less from the corporate “desktop upgrade” but more driven from consumer sales and demand in a BYOD world. We are already getting lawyers (outside the UK mainly) asking what we are going to do with Win8 as they are looking at that must have app, Office!

As for my children it’s the Nexus 7 on the wish list not the iPad!

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