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Taylor Vinters gains flexibility & mitigates risk with Managed Cloud Services

UK based law firm Taylor Vinters is known for its broad range of legal services to private, commercial and not-for-profit clients. Founded in Cambridge, and now with offices in London and Singapore, Taylor Vinters employs more than 200 highly qualified staff and is growing by the day.

Following a period of rapid growth the company found itself with an issue shared by many law firms – the business had expanded physically yet this was not reflected in IT investment. Essentially the firm reached a point where its old and complex IT infrastructure could no longer scale to meet its growth strategy as a business. Taylor Vinters was looking to make a tactical purchase; changes in regulations for law firms meant the organisation had to become more agile as the legal sector became increasingly competitive. In the interim of seeking an alternative solution, routine support services were over-saturating much of the IT technicians time.

The IT team at Taylor Vinters had reactively met the needs of the business, however as the success and size of the business grew it was faced with a number of IT options. Whilst the IT department was performing crucial support for general operations, they were also investing a disproportionately large amount of time maintaining general information technology systems. This mundane task was becoming more time consuming and un-necessary. When assessing the various IT options presented to the company, cloud-computing proved itself as more flexible, efficient and affordable.

A key requirement for Taylor Vinters included increasing its storage capabilities whilst simplifying the environment. The rapid growth of the legal firm underpinned the need for flexibility. Taylor Vinters required a solution that was agile and flexible enough to scale for further growth over the coming years, but also allowed enough room for manoeuvre to reflect the uncertainties of the real world. Moving to the cloud would provide Taylor Vinters with an opportunity to host its global IT infrastructure in one location, rather than dispatching unconnected servers in its various locations Moving to the cloud also presented a more manageable ‘pay per use’ cost model which would adapt to growth and downsizing.

Taylor Vinters transitioned its existing IT infrastructure to an Enterprise Cloud from systems integrator Proact. Proact provide Taylor Vinters with a fully managed cloud platform including services such as Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service & Backup as a Service, plus on-site consultancy as required by the firm.

The company required a partner and a relationship that could evolve with the company. By taking the time and effort to understand the business objectives of the company, Proact provided a solution that actually mapped out at a high level what Taylor Vinters was trying to achieve with its business.

Why move to the cloud?

The key requirement for Taylor Vinters was that it needed something that was scalable and secure; the company knew it was growing but didn’t know how quickly the business would grow.

The IT solution offered a flexible and affordable monthly cost model, which allows Taylor Vinters to adopt the IT services best suited to its business needs but without the capital investment traditionally associated.

Business benefits
The Enterprise Cloud removed the requirement for additional resources, by providing a 24×7 resource pool for supporting and maintaining the IT infrastructure.

The cloud solution delivered within one year what would have taken several to put in place if the company used its own resource base.

Taylor Vinters now has a resilient system that can deliver on client expectations, quickly and without interruption, on a global basis, that can grow with its business. Involving Proact has freed up the IT team to work on other strategic projects within the business such as putting in new service delivery systems for clients and helping to increase process and efficiency within the business.

2 replies on “Taylor Vinters gains flexibility & mitigates risk with Managed Cloud Services”

Great story, did moving to the cloud service with their SP save them money? Also what happens if the service goes down? Who’s liable?

Hi Martin, thanks for your response. Yes, Taylor Vinters did save money moving to the cloud as they now benefit from shared resources and economies of scale from Proact. The solution we provided includes a disaster recovery site if the service goes down. The solution was delivered with a complex SLA in which each element of the solution is defined. The solution is robust and resilient and, within the SLA, it is guaranteed to be available 99.9% if the time, and will only ever be down for 4 hours in one year. In the unlikely event that it is down, Proact is liable to pay service credits. If you would like to discuss this further please contact me: mgoonan [at]

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