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Taylor Vinters report big savings with Bighand for Blackberry

Taylor Vinters, has deployed BigHand for BlackBerry smartphones firm-wide for efficient mobile working, replacing the use of portable dictation hardware. Device convergence has rendered the firm’s portable dictation devices obsolete saving thousands of pounds annually; in place of portable devices which cost in the region of £300 each, lawyers now use their BlackBerrys to record and instantly submit dictations or instructions to office based staff via BigHand.

Steve Sumner, IT Director at Taylor Vinters said “We used portable dictation hardware for a number of years, spending thousands of pounds annually to maintain a pool of devices. Like many firms looking for ways to streamline costs and improve productivity, we could no longer justify the high annual cost to purchase and maintain single function portable dictation devices. Each portable device costs approximately £300 to purchase, this is roughly equivalent to five BigHand for BlackBerry licences.

“Lawyers will often carry their laptops but these take time to setup and depending on the situation this may not be possible. Likewise, taking a portable device from the pool requires pre-planning which isn’t always practical, and there are inherent delays in having to then dock and upload recordings from portable devices. BlackBerry is at a lawyer’s fingertips – whether on a train, at home or with a client, it is the easiest and quickest way to record and submit dictations.

“Mobile dictation has always been a requirement, the fact that our lawyers didn’t want to return portable devices to the pool clearly indicated a business efficiency benefit, BlackBerry dictation has enabled us to take this to the next level. BigHand’s BlackBerry app delivers excellent value for money, there are no capital costs involved and set-up is simple – the business case for deployment couldn’t be more straightforward.”