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Tech headhunters go under

More breaking news… legal IT headhunter Bayfield is no longer – the company has gone into administration. Nigel Lawrence, who was probably the best know legal tech consultant at Bayfield, plus  a former colleague have started up a new recruitment business called Cogence Search –

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but will they still phone you up and say “hello mate – did you have a good weekend” when they don't know you?

I would be grateful that they pick up the phone to you especially if you are looking for a job !

And we're hearing reports that a major UK legal IT vendor is about to offshore all its support activities, so there could be a few more people looking for jobs in places like Hull, for instance.

I have heard the same story. If it is true, and I am sure it is, they are only following the same path that several top 100 firms have been down.
The challenge will be training offshore resource to deal sympathetically with Florence from accounts when she wants to know how why the latest LSC submission has failed.

Its OK you cant get hold of them anyway as there are no contact details on their web site !!!

Re Contacting us
Sorry- web site is still in production ( please be a little patient, we only started trading on Monday).
Telephone number 0207 397 1591 email
I thank those of you who have contacted me offering support – it has been a very trying few months.
Best wishes

Saw the above comment. Please bare with us while we get fully up and running. Cogence started trading on Monday and the web site will be fully functioning by next week.
In the interim, please do call me on 0207 397 1591 or email
I have received a number of messages of support from members of the site for which I thank you. It has been a testing few months
Very best wishes
Nigel Lawrence

Errr – please “bare” with us? OK – but how will getting undressed help?

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