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Editorial and Advertising Deadlines
Final dates for 2020 editorial and advertising deadlines are below, with the Orange Rag coming out a week later.

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PRs Please Read This
Legal IT Insider is interested in all news stories, product launches, new wins, new hires, corporate news and success stories/case studies/thought leader pieces that are of genuine relevance to our readers. We have a strict no stiffing policy. We do not carry advertorial or charge suppliers for carrying their press releases. All stories are reported purely on their editorial merits. If you want to vet anything we write about you before we print it, forget it – we do not submit to copy controls.

Because we are news rather than advertising-driven, we do not operate a conventional ‘August special focus on time & billing systems’ style forward features calendar. If something is topical, we report it. We know our readers are busy people who just want the facts and opinion – not padding, spin and hype. We are happy to receive press releases via email as plain text or attached simple* Word files but preferably NOT PDFs. Don’t worry about how you compose your press releases as we will edit them for length and house-style. (*By simple we mean NO embedded hyperlinks or graphics – please provide the full URL for hyperlinks in the text within the body copy and send graphics as attached JPEG files – max width 500 pixels.)

One final point, as it does cause confusion from time to time, we only look at legal IT from the point of view of the technology lawyers use, as distinct from the legal issues surrounding the use of technology generally.

Corrections Policy
We are happy to make corrections quickly and candidly and always publish corrections at least as prominently as the original mistake was published. Wherever possible we publish corrections on our own initiative as soon as we learn of a mistake and can confirm the correct information. Our corrections policy should not be taken for a policy of accommodating readers who are simply unhappy about a story that has been published.

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