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Ten years of law firm data now available on The Orange Rag

We have updated The Insider Top 200 Charts (see link on main menu bar) so we can now provide 10-years-worth of data (from 2003 to 2012) on the IT systems the UK’s largest law firms are running. This year sees a number of important changes to the chart:

• We have reverted to a top 200 (as we did in the early years) rather than a top 250 because of the difficulty in obtaining accurate data on firms 201 to 250 – sorry people if this is where your firms and customers live.

• We have also changed the basis our our ranking from total number of fee earners to turnover (followed by number of partners). The reason for this (along with the fact not all firms count their fee earners the same way) is we are moving away from an era when size and turnover automatically go hand-in-hand. There used to be a fairly constant correlation between the size of a firm and its turnover whereas today we are seeing an increasing number of smaller, niche but commercially very successful practices elbowing aside their larger but less competitive peers. We anticipate this trend accelerating as the impart of the Legal Services Act, legal process outsourcing and Alternative Business Structures make themselves felt.

• We have a large number of new entries or re-entries in this year’s chart and, while we are filling in the gaps, any suggestions or assistance from our readers are welcome.

• We have also added a new column for HR systems and are seeking more input on our Document Production Tools column.

And here is the latest chart (it is an Excel spreadsheet accurate as at 1st April 2012) – have fun perming the data: The Insider 200 2012