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TFB announces rebrand

Next week's Legal IT show will see the launch of TFB’s new corporate identity, with the company rebranding to be known as TikitTFB. The move reflects the growing synergy between TFB and Tikit and the increasing collaboration on projects over the past twelve months. The new name and logo will be rolled out over a period of three months with all corporate materials and communications moved over to the new identity by the end of May.
Although the name is reflective of the relationship between TFB and Tikit, TFB will continue to operate with autonomy within the Tikit Group and day to day relationships; strategy and market focus will not change. Simon Hill, Managing Director of TikitTFB comments, ‘Since becoming part of the Tikit Group in 2008, we have experienced many advantages on both a strategic and operational level. Whilst continuing to operate as we did pre-acquisition, we have been able to utilise the expertise and technology within Tikit, in conjunction with our comprehensive solution portfolio, to benefit current and prospective clients whatever their requirements.”

11 replies on “TFB announces rebrand”

I find it surprising they didn't take the opportunity to make the TFB part of the logo look less like a cock and balls then it did previously.
Misshapen and small certainly, but a set of genatalia nonetheless.

“TFB will continue to operate with autonomy within the Tikit Group” – resistance is futile, but like yin and yang who will prevail? Is the ring an Ouroboros?

I have heard it all now. One who sees part of the logo as an ancient Egyptian symbol named by the Greeks and another who sees a cock!
What a broad church Legal IT is.

The Little Green chap must be very pleased with himself now that the Large Green chap withdrew his product from the market following Microsoft's court loss on custom XML.
On the subject of which, no doubt the Green Woody chap over at Canary Wharf will have some excuse ready for his paymasters to show why he made the wrong choice again…

Church being the operative word.
We'll all be signing up at our local house of worship now that Cherie Blair has made it official that you can get off a jail sentence for assault if you're ” a religious person”.

To me it looks like pulling a rabbit out of a hat!
Seems appropriate, mind you, given the companies – maybe the last three letters stand for Totally F***ed Bunny!

Strewth, what are you lot on? Other than the fact you are all rabbiting on at length about a logo, where did the bunny come from? CC

The logo looks like it was designed by committee, but at least you won't see it turning up in Virgin Holiday Cruises ads.

The blue/yellow graduated fill of the ring gives it a sort of retro feel – bit like a Lava Lamp.

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