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TGi Friday – Midgely Corner

The good news is Insider readers need never again be pestered by phantom emailings of the December 07 & January 08 issues of the Insider.

The bad news is this is because our local ISP has gone bust – as of 11:00am today (Friday) altho we did not learn of this until 11:01am.

The net result is that normal service may be conducted at a bit of a gimp until we can get an alternative service – which looks as if it will have to be a satellite link as BT can only guarantee a max broadband speed of 512k – installed. In the meantime we are limping on with Blackberrys and a Vodafone dongle (altho that only gives a 2G service in our location). The fax & the landline still work. And if a man called Mark Allen from Branstalk Broadband ever asks you for a job – don't ask me for a reference.

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At Chateau Insider we now have a satellite dish the size of Jodrell Bank and – touch broadband router – a return to full internet access services.

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