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The Bryan Roberts saga – Mark III

Story removed at the request of Bryan Roberts.

4 replies on “The Bryan Roberts saga – Mark III”

What appalling petty behaviour by Aderant. Grow up guys …. if you can't retain your staff, don't go bullying them and trying to scupper their future lives. Note to self …. never work for Aderant.

I tend to agree. There's the 100% contractual way of doing things and then there is the “in spirit” and pragmatic way. It looks like Aderant have fallen the wrong side of the line with this one. I'm sure they'd be the first to moan if this was enforced one someone heading their way.
Best of luck Bryan. Enjoy the break and best of luck when you re-emerge as I am sure you will

Do you think that they may have learnt a lesson after not incorporating a non-compete into Ms. Kaye's new Aderant contract many years earlier when she joined the fold from the Keystone days, and then seeing the impact that her rapid move to Elite had? You can't really blame them for such an action in today's environment. It is just unfortunate for Mr. Roberts and Aderant that all this gets forced out into the public for us to gawk at.

I think Bryan's experiences are also a reminder that you need to read your contract and not assume 'nah, they'll never do anything about it' – Charles Christian

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