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The Elite + Pilgrim statement in full

Here is the formal acquisition statement from Thomson Reuters on the acquisition of Pilgrim Systems by Elite. The price was not mentioned so we'll leave it to our readers' fevered imaginations to fill in the £pound signs. There was also no comment made by Pilgrim founder Jim Cummings, who is believed to be at home so he can spend more time with his money…

Elite, part of Thomson Reuters, has announced its acquisition of Pilgrim Systems, a specialist in financial and practice management systems for mid-market law firms for more than 30 years. Acquiring Pilgrim and its LawSoft solution is a key component in Elite’s product development strategy and overall growth strategy to expand internationally.

Pilgrim’s current product, LawSoft, has been very successful since its launch in 1996 with a large client base in the UK. Elite will leverage this success and the strength of Pilgrim’s software development efforts to enhance its business management solutions targeted for mid-market firms in the UK and Asia Pacific. The addition of Pilgrim’s assets builds on Elite’s earlier acquisition of FWBS and its robust core matter management capabilities.

“Pilgrim is a strategic fit within our plan to provide a mid-market back-office solution for law firms in the UK and Asia Pacific region – areas where we do not currently have a solution,” said Cary Burch, chief operations officer for Elite. “This marks the fifth acquisition for Elite this year, all of which have been integral to our vision of creating a compelling, integrated mid-market offering utilizing the best technologies. The culmination of these acquisitions will broaden our capabilities and expand our offerings for our global clients.”

Founded in 1978, Pilgrim has steadfastly specialized in the development, supply, implementation and support of law firm business software. LawSoft was one of the earliest solutions to be built from the ground up to use Microsoft SQL Server as its underlying database engine. LawSoft was also the first UK law firm solution to be built on an integrated workflow engine to support complete process management. Pilgrim will be operated as a business unit within Elite and will maintain its Edinburgh office location.

“Joining forces with Elite will bring a powerful solution to the international mid-market law firm segment, which has been previously underserved,” said Colin Kennedy, chief operating officer, Pilgrim Systems, who will be transitioning to Elite. “We are excited about this new chapter in our growth and the opportunity to significantly expand our development resources.”

10 replies on “The Elite + Pilgrim statement in full”

The man with the midas touch!!
Well done Colin, first VF to LN and now Pilgrim to Thopmsons.
I expect Eclipse and SOS will be on the phone to Colin 'Goldfinger' Kennedy shortly.

Jim Cummings has just been in touch to say he is not at home but is still very much alive and well as the chairman & CEO of Pilgrim Systems …CC

I think Neil Ewin may not share that opinion on the Visualfiles deal …CC

Now there is an interesting comment. Are you suggesting that Neil didn't get enough money out of the deal (which seems unlikely) or that he was unhappy with the way his Software Architect position played out and with what has happened to the product and its reputation since the takeover?

Not at home Charles and very much alive…….but now the EX Chairman & CEO of a great company – Pilgrim Systems, and will watch it go from strength to strength under the Elite banner.
Jim Cummings

So, anonymous Jim, is you in or is you out? (I will take it as read that either way you will never HAVE to work again.)

“I expect Eclipse and SOS will be on the phone to Colin 'Goldfinger' Kennedy shortly”
The're probably listening to music on hold whilst he talks to David Lumsden and Mike McGoun….

Interestingly Elite state Pilgrim is their “Mid-market back office solution”. This positioning is in direct contrast to current market drivers and trends. Market pressures are driving legal providers to invest in customer facing systems that enable them to compete and survive against ABS’s. You only have to look at the sudden surge in CRM projects.
What’s really worrying for customers is that Elite have clearly stated the main reason for buying Pilgrim is to grow their international capability. This is reinforced by Colin Kennedy (COO Pilgrim) “Joining forces with Elite will bring a powerful solution to the international mid-market law firm”. This surely means Pilgrim will no longer be focused on UK market. The value for Elite is the international market. This will drive different behaviour at Pilgrim. This can only be bad news for UK Law Firms as Pilgrim switch focus to delivering value to their new corporate owner. Sadly I think this will be at the expense of UK customers. Only a couple of providers left in the market that care about customers, UK customers.

Re the anonymous poster who challenged me to publish his comments – the answer is “yes happy to publish them” providing you'll indemnify me for the inevitable libel action that will follow. If you send me the deeds to your & your parents homes that should probably cover it …CC

For the freedom of information and press you should publish them Charles.. You normally publish anything!

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