Winscribe today launches newest version of its business process management product for mid-size law firms Winscribe BPM 2.0. Winscribe BPM 2.0 leverages the latest workflow technologies from Microsoft including .NET 4 and Windows Server AppFabric to provide users with a more robust, scalable, and reliable BPM solution than available with previous Microsoft technologies. According to Bob DuBois, IT Director of Devine, Millimet & Branch “Winscribe BPM allows us to reduce keystrokes, increase data integrity, and use our time more efficiently.”

Winscribe say that compared with other providers, implementing Winscribe BPM allows firms a quicker start, less disruption to their office, as well as significant cost savings – all without compromising quality. Among its new features, Winscribe BPM 2.0 delivers a completely redesigned graphical workflow designer. The new Winscribe BPM Workflow Designer provides improved workflow readability, simplified navigation, and enhanced data binding capabilities that make it easy to integrate with external systems and use the information housed in those systems to make advanced work distribution decisions. The new designer also supports flowchart-type workflows.

With the release of Winscribe BPM 2.0, Winscribe has also announced the availability of a package of pre-built processes called the Headstart Pack. This optional package includes everything needed to begin managing and improving some of the most common processes within a law firm such as expenses, matter intake, tenders, check requests, and leave requests.