We were not going to bother as the KnowList Awards are run by another publication but we've had a number of regulars (those people who make IT vendors quake at the knees) say “Go on, post something up there so we can make bitchy comments about it” So here we go, starting with the formal announcement and followed by my Twitter feed on the night…

Leaders and achievers in legal technology were recognised at
the second TheKnowList Awards held at the Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel on
Thursday 20 January. BBC news presenter Huw Edwards hosted the event.


The occasion was attended by 320 members of the legal and
technology industries, including 196 delegates from leading law firms. Sponsors
included Tikit, City IS, AK-IT, LexisNexis, NovaPlex, Neverfail, Mimecast, M2,
Phoenix, CertiVox and K-Cloud.


The winners were chosen by an online poll that totalled a
huge 3,848 registered votes.

At the event, TheKnowList launched its CSR programme with a
small exhibition of photography by Georgina Cranston, a reportage photographer
who specialises in documenting social and women’s rights issues. The exhibition
highlighted the plight of women in the gold mining town of Mongbwalu, in the
Democratic Republic of Congo.


TheKnowList also launched its Membership Services programme,
which enables members to access subsidised services and products from
associated vendors. The service is designed to enhance collaboration between
law firms and technology providers.


Daniel Brown, CEO at TheKnowList says: “Once again, I was
thrilled by and grateful for the level of interest and engagement with the
awards. While these events recognise significant achievements in legal
technology, they also bring people together in a friendly atmosphere that
enhances the collaborative spirit that already exists within the industry. I
know a lot of people made and solidified important connections during the
evening. I’m also glad that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I should
thank all the sponsors for helping to make it such a fantastic event.”

Now here's my live Twitter feed from the night with subsequent comments in italics)

• I'm off to the Ball courtesy of those wonderful people at nQueue Billback

• Well I'm thru security and am at the KnobList Award

• Here's the menu

• Huw Edwards may possibly be the worst awards ceremony host since Saddam Hussein (with hindsight this is unfair, he was just dull but at least he got through the awards quickly)

• We're now waiting for the award for the Law Firm Screensaver of the Year

• Winner of KnowList award for account Manager of the Year is Antony Wells (of Phoenix)

• Winner of KnowList award for best BI or KM solution is Autonomy + SJ Berwin + Phoenix BS

• KnowList award for best cloud solution: Mayer Brown LLP

• KnowList award for best new product of the year is FWBS with MatterSphere < actually v good

• KnowList award for best IT strategist is Neil Davison of Farrer & Co < popular result

• KnowList award for best IT team of year is DWF LLP

• KnowList Person of the Year is Peter Birley of Browne Jacobson

• KnowList award for service excellence is Mimecast – another popular award – Eliza Hedegaard collects award – most stylish techie

• KnowList award for Services to Legal Technology is Janet Day of BLP but she is in Moscow so she sent Janet Livesey in her place

• Er that's it – I'm off to the bar for some rose wine

• Here's Jane Livesey who stood in for Janet Day at the KnowList – she's cute (there was a photo but I won't embarrass the poor girl any further – besides it's a well known fact that rosé leads to political incorrectness)

• That's it – party over  (this was about 3:30pm)

• 3:40pm mocha + sausage sandwich in a Russian owned cafe in Smithfield Market (this may explain why I woke up next to a bear in the morning)

• KnowList wrap-up – joking aside these awards were well run + seem enjoyed by all present AND there were no crappy comedians

• Fashion note: the fragrant Eliza Hedegaard (in red) was once again the most stylishly dressed

I haven't included the story about the vendor who got all tearful because I didn't follow him on Twitter. Or the fact I convinced a law firm IT manager to throw in her job and go work for good causes in the Third World – carpe diem and all that.  I'd also like to thank Mark Craddock of FWBS for the champagne and Simon Price of Recommind for the rosé. Plus Ann Hemming & Andrew Haslam for the accommodation (hope they've got rid of the bear by now). And obviously apologies to everyone I was rude to or made inappropriate passes at but you deserved it.