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The man for IRIS – the users say 'yes'

Just over one month ago, Doug Hargrove moved into the hot seat as the managing director of IRIS Software's Legal Services division. Since then we've been getting reports from user firms that have met him – and the feedback is all positive.

Perhaps surprisingly, his track record in retail is seen as a benefit as he is used to managing large companies that have been created by the acquisition of multiple software platforms and which now need consolidation and a clear longer term strategy. Likewise, his retail background is also seen as giving him a clear perspective on the use of IT as a means of delivering value, benefits  and services to user firms and their clients – as distinct from merely being a back office administrative overhead.

As the head of administration at one firm, currently on the tipping point of defecting, put it “On the strength of our meeting with Doug Hargrove, we are now prepared to include IRIS on our next ITT whereas previously we would not have even considered them.”

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Exactly. A more accurate headline might read…..
“……………….. – one user says maybe”

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