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Welcome to the March 2016 issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter (issue 291) containing all the latest legal technology, law firm tech and online legal services news from around the world. All fresh juice – no pith.

Welcome to the latest issue of the Legal IT Insider newsletter (March 2016 #291)

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• Bird & Bird to rollout OnePlace, a Salesforce-based CRM:  “You leave the office but you don’t leave the job – you just flex your job around what needs to be done,” says IT director Karen Jacks.

• Taylor Wessing is moving to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure: “The way to get everyone to use new systems is to switch off the other stuff,” says IT director Kevin Harris.

• Spanish-based international firm Cuatrecasas has introduced a pure R&D budget with a view to investing in startups: “We need to be agile,” says CIO Francesc Munoz.

• Deloitte predict a tipping point of 39% of all legal jobs will be lost to automation by 2020 but is it just a storm in an AI teacup?

• DWF swapout Elite 3E modules in favour of QlikView BI reporting and Intapp time recording – 3E will be the technical accounting tool in the back office but partners will no longer need to interface with it.

• We talk to Crispin Passmore, executive director of the SRA, about law firm innovation and the Cloud: “We are trying to get law firms to see that you can’t divorce risk and opportunity. When we talk about managing risk we don’t want you to be put off using technology. Lawyers tend to be risk averse. We’re trying to say use innovation to deliver better services.”

• Three leading law firm heads of IT: Kevin Harris of Taylor Wessing + Nathan Hayes of Osborne Clarke + Steve Sumner of Taylor Vinters identify top priorities & market trends.

• New Mishcon Discover ediscovery initiative will make firm “more competitive than anyone else” says eDisclosure manager Richard Legge

• Caroline Hill interviews Accentual Group’s legal director Nilema Bhakata-Jones: “Some law firms are just kicking the tyres with their pre-existing tech and data… but is is encouraging to see the legal juggernaut is starting to move in the right direction.

PLUS your favourites…

• Who’s in and Who’s out: all the latest wins and deals from around the UK, American, APAC and EMEA legal markets.

• Movers & Shakers: who is coming, who is going – and who has gone.


Our next issue (No #292 – April) will be out on Wednesday 27 April 2016

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