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The Peppermint platform has arrived

The Legal Service Platform, from legal technology innovator Peppermint Technology, is live and operational following more than two years of development. As the first new entrant to the legal technology market in well over a decade, speculation has been high about what Peppermint Technology would deliver. The first client live and operational on the Legal Service Platform is DLA backed Riverview Law, with further implementations in Q2 2012 for Tandem Law and Attwaters Solicitors. Peppermint has, and continues to, work with a number of partner law firms to further develop the Legal Service Platform including Gosschalks, Darbys and Hart Brown.

Peppermint claim the Platform is unique in that it is the only legal technology solution that brings together Applications, Content, Collaboration Tools and Transactions on a single unified platform. This difference in approach, from traditional Practice and Case Management application providers, demonstrates the strategic importance Peppermint place on the future of data in shaping the Legal Services Market.

Peppermint Technology, CEO, Arlene Adams comments: “Peppermint Platform has been designed to support the new emerging models of legal services. The Platform recognises that successful legal providers of the future will be able to turn data and applications into meaningful, relevant and personalised content for clients, anytime, anywhere. To do this a company must have an end to end system in place that can track and connect every data point and activity to a client. That’s what Platform is all about.”

This truly client-centric solution – say Peppermint – is built with the client profile at the centre, not a transactional database.  This means that every piece of data, activity, financial transaction, communication and document is linked directly to the client record.  This provides a breadth of insight unseen in the market to date and enables legal providers to use data intelligently to develop and proactively offer new innovative services. As part of the Platform, Peppermint is soon to launch the Peppermint App Shop, which brings together in one platform a wide range of complementary partner products and services designed and built for legal service providers.

To understand more about the Peppermint Platform see the video here