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The quest for a killer app

Here on the Orange Rag blog, we are always looking at new ideas and products and, as we twiddle our thumbs during this season of public holidays (well in the UK anyway) our thoughts turned to the subject of apps for the iPhone (& iPad + subsequently the Blackberry & Android platforms). But what would make a good app – a killer app no less, not a meh app !

Answers via the comments feature please…

4 replies on “The quest for a killer app”

Radar. To stop you bumping in to peope, things, falling down holes whilst using the device to email whilst walking

A sailing app, with wind, tide, barometric pressure and sea state for anywhere in the world

What about LexisNexis and Recommind join forces for a super hosted eDisco, Search and Indexing service

An app that allows you to put in the name of a technology company and find out pertinent details regarding its standing in relation to it's competition – revenues, market share etc. Searchable by company or genres (say the ones listed in the legal insider for instance).

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